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12-04-2013, 09:39 AM
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Look into Magnetic Therapy and Acupuncture. Magnetic Therapy is something I recently stumbled upon and is being used by some of the worlds best athletes. I do not know much on it, just that they use magnetic fields to release some toxins in your body off of cell walls and what not. I know it helps with recovery. I do not know much more on that, but look into it.

Acupuncuture is mostly for the nerves. Why not also look into it.

If your constantly doing this to your back then I will have to say that your not very mobile. For example, when doing MMA consistently you may experience bad wrists. The general conception is that you hurt it and that you have to just let it heal until you can do it again. Problem is that most people go back and hurt it again and again even after a full recovery from it.

The issue is that the joints and muscles within our wrists and forearms and everywhere else for that matter is extremely tight and lacks mobility. Mobility is a bit different than flexibility so look into it further.

There are Mobility Work outs you can find on Youtube or Google that could be great for your hips, back and everything else you may or may not have issues with. Try them all. So I do this one for my wrist and within a few days I can already see my range of motion when I do front squats be far greater and thus putting less stress on my wrists and causing any sort of damage.

By "unlocking" these parts of your body, your far less likely to cause any sort of damage.

I mean, if you are doing this from bowling than I have to assume that your not stretching daily and your very immobile. Dont take that as a bad thing really, some of the biggest named athletes of all time had many issues with mobility and flexibility. Just continue to work at it and youll see a difference in your athletics and your overall physical health.

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