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Originally Posted by BernieParent View Post
Is it wrong to be confident I could beat Michael Jordan in a medical terminology spell-off? A Hall of Famer doesn't necessarily do everything better than anybody else. And I believe some of us indicated the difference we found with Pronger's point shot.
Originally Posted by Appleyard View Post
Yep, Coburn is a better skater than a lot of the D men in the HOF.

Giroux has a better pass and is a better PP guy than a lot of the forwards in the HOF.

Couturier is better defensively and on the PK than a lot of the forwards in the HOF.

Adam Hall is better on faceoffs than a lot of the centres in the HOF.

Matt Read has as good as or a better shot than a lot of HOF wingers, and is better on the PK than many of them.

Pretty likely non of these guys end up in the Hall, yet they are better at some aspects of the game than many HOFers.
The problem is, Chris Pronger's shot was one of his best assets. Even if he weren't a beast defensively and was just Coburn/Grossmann good, he would still be a Hall of Famer because of his point shot. I just think it's a little premature to watch some YouTube clips and say that Ghost has a harder shot than Pronger. Maybe he does, or maybe he will one day, but it's a little much to proclaim it as a fact this early.

A lot goes into how hard a player shoots. Because of the speed of the game, Pronger had less time to take his shot and Ghost's shot may seem harder when watching a College game because it's jsut so much harder than most of those guys can shoot. Pronger would also take something off of his shot to put it exactly where he wanted it so we didn't always see Pronger's hardest shot. Also, the most recent memory people have of Pronger's shot was when he was 35-36 years old. I know most guys don't lose a ton off of their shot as they get older but I can promise you it was at least a little harder in the late 90's and early 2000's.

Anyway, to say that a Ghost has a shot like Chara and speed and skating like Karlsson to go along with his hockey IQ which is apparently his best asset seems like a stretch. If that were the case, he would already be on the Flyers and putting up big numbers regardless of how bad he may be in his own zone.

Originally Posted by sobrien View Post
To summarize. Shayne Gostisbehere is the next Bobby Orr.
No, more like Bobby Orr was the previous Shayne Gostisbehere.

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