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12-04-2013, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by FreeRadicals View Post
Hey Steven Franceschi…

I do some occasional stand up around town and sometimes I like to use my jokes from posts on here and sometimes test them on here. Today I was preforming a quick recording about 30 minutes ago at (removed location), and I used my Rogers ranch joke, and in the middle of the set some guy heckled me and claimed that I stole it off some kid on twitter. (pretty strange he was googling my jokes…or must of saw it on twitter.)

I know i'm coming off as a huge dork right now arguing over a stupid little joke on an anonymous forum and I'm slightly embarrassed writing this, because I know it's the internet and it's free reign. But should've at least asked me if you could use the joke. I know I sound like a real dumb*** right now but I got embarrassed today for no real reason, so I'm kind of peeved.

Edit: removed location
don't feel like a dork. we get what you're saying. sucks to be made to look bad when you're the one who got the joke stolen.
When I repost a tweet or facebook comment, I always make sure people know where it came from. I never try to pawn the joke off as my own wit.

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