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Originally Posted by Obryantj View Post
I've lost a bit of that loving feeling as well. I'm definitely at the same point where I save and save, then spend, and repeat.
This is another reason why I've wanted to take money/OTR away from the top teams. But let's not get into that again

The player fees are definitely impacting my decisions though. I haven't had the time to play the market that I (and perhaps we) envision that certain teams do, but its hard for me to flip a player for a profit after accounting for market fees and the additional salaries/player fees. I do need to sit down and determine my market strategy (i.e. what position to target) soon.
Yeah. I cut back on the fees, then immediately buy more players The big problem is keeping borderline prospects. That's what's really hurting. I've made the decision to avoid these, and mostly I stick to that, but some of them have been on the team for so long that it seems like a waste to get rid of them now. I might as well keep em around until I can sell them. But they'll never bring in enough to make up for the ridiculous fees! But but but.

I think I'm going to cut/sell some players to get my fees down, and then spend 3-400M on a player. Probably a CM.

The closest teams to SA-10 (in the USA) are: Last Place McGees (Obryantj) - 20 days, Microwave Repairmen (ngrover/redcard) - 22 days, Covington Rowdies (kytihu) - 25 days, Edison's Illumination Inc. (tujague) - 29 days. In addition, only two teams have SA-10 and TF-10 under construction; Last Place McGees and Edison's Illumination Inc.

The EIC. *slaps OBJ in the mouth*

We have the same priorities for facilities. Although you have also built up your bottom 3. I've ignored those for the most part. Are you close to having the 50M necessary to build TF & SA 11? I'm at 32M right now. I shouldn't have a problem getting there.

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