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01-23-2004, 11:03 PM
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You do realize that the 26th pick overall was traded along with another pick to move up to the 13th pick overall?

So basically it was:

To Washington
Maxime Ouellet
26th Overall Pick (Traded to Dallas with I believe another Pick??? for Alexander Semin, Dallas used that pick to pick Martin Vagner)
59th Overall Maxime Daigneault
92nd Overall for Derek...Long last name

To Philadelphia
Adam Oates
Compensation Pick, which they used to pick Alexander Picard

You seem to miss that because Washington got another pick the 26th, they used that coupled with their 2nd round pick, since they already got one from Philadelphia to pick up Semin, who in some rankings I saw was the second best skater from Europe, which could be true or not, BUT Washington got two high ranked players in the draft, due to having an extra first rounder and an extra second rounder.

The other thing is this: I find it really hypocritical of the Flyer fans to think that this trade was even when they think trading Ruslan Fedotenko and 2 2nd round draft picks (WHICH THEY USED to move around and grab other useful players) for the 4th overall pick.

Yeah, Pitkanen is world class talent but what good would he have done for Tampa if he was still developing through their systems? They needed good veteran, older players ready to play now they had a bunch of young gun guys like Richards and Lecavalier and needed to balance it out. Also Ruslan is still pretty young, he could still develop a little more, but to me these trades look about the same...

Flyers get had on the Oates trade, TB gets had on the Fedotenko trade BUT these trades happen for needs, not future.

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