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01-24-2004, 12:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Vlad The Impaler
In the case of Clarke, we're talking about a contender-level team who had the bad luck of losing their top 2 centers. This was alarming and justified getting one of the best setup man of all-time for some unknown quantities.
For the sake of accurate discussion, I'm glad you mentioned, this, Vlad. On the weekend before the trade deadline, the Flyers lost Primeau to a knee injury. On the Monday night before the Tuesday deadline, Roenick was lost to a knee injury. Clarke really had no choice if he hoped to have his club have any chance in the off-season. Reviewing draft pick selections is a nice experiment, but it doesn't accurately reflect what would have happened had the trade not been made. It's just something to talk about, but it's meaningless in the grand scheme.

Another point that always gets to me is the fact that Oates didn't resign in Philadelphia, and how this somehow made the trade even worse. I'll never understand that one. The price was paid the minute the NHL approved the deal. The only thing the Flyers gained were exclusive rights to negotiate with Oates until July 1, and as it turned out, compensation because they incurred a net loss of free agents that summer.

As John mentioned, Ouellet isn't any closer to a full-time job than the guy the Flyers determined could replace him (Niittymaki).

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