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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
The Rangers were following the Bruins model two years ago. The Bruins have tough guys who can play. It's just simply the better way to go. The Rangers that year had Prust, Rupp, Bickel and some support from guys like Dubinsky. Prust signed with someone else--not replaced. Rupp has gotten old--and was moved on for Powe who sucks and Bickel's been in the minors. Stu's not really a very good NHL'er but he's a better player than the likes of the Orr's, McGrattan's etc. He's not a better fighter though and though he has his moments.

We can go round and round on this. Bring in McGrattan or Steve MacIntyre and that's fine but it makes it a bit harder to roll 4 lines because apart from fighting they're not much good at anything else. I get the idea that this team is soft. It's pretty obvious when a faux heavy like Tom Sestito is beating his chest like a grizzly bear. We had Orr and he couldn't skate. He hasn't improved much at that over the years. We had Booggard and people hated that because boy did he suck. Brashear was at the end of the line. Shelley wanted too much money. He actually played a few decent games for us.

Here's another thing--being soft holds us back--no question in my mind. But as Ola is wont to point out--not having someone on the point with a bomb for a shot is holding us back too. Which is to say there is more than one issue that makes this team dysfunctional at the moment. It might be easier to say cut a deal to get a Joel Rechlicz or Letourneau-Leblond but it won't have the same impact as adding a Subban or a Weber's shot from the point. It might have little impact at all. That's why I think it would be better to get guys who can play mean and tough but have some real hockey skills other than just fighting.
As an example of this....Yesterday the Habs signed FA Jack Nevins who is captain of the PEI Islanders in the Q . He is 6ft 2 and about 210 now and going at a point a game clip and likes the rough stuff...he got a 3 year deal and was also wooed by there s a guy we should have been all over . That type of guy is more to be found in the Canadian Junior Leagues than US I right or wrong on that ??? I think we need an overhaul in our scouting .

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