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01-23-2004, 11:58 PM
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Originally Posted by nYr LunDmArK 21
Yeah, i hope so. I keep some faith because.. well I am a fan of this team. I dont understand how you could be a fan of this team if your ALWAYS negitive about EVERYTHING this team does. If we get blown out you are right there in the game thread making your usual, negitive unwanted comments. Do we see you there after a win? nope. Im not saying your wrong with anything you say..but you act more like a troll than a Ranger fan.
lundmark, how can you be positive about this? who cares who they get!!! i only judge this team by one thing, thats WINNING. they have not been winning with the "get name after name after name through free agency and with deals that are salary dumps, not steals" strategy. that is why we are sick of it. this deal is just more of the same old crap.

dont ever think for a second that the fans against the trade are not fans of the new york rangers. im die hard and so are they. we just hate the way the team has been run, the players we acquire, and the management because WE ARE NOT WINNING!!!! THE TEAM WE LOVE IS A JOKE!!!!!!!!

playoff berth? this is one of the biggest problems with our team guys. all we expect is to make the playoffs. squeeze into the 8th spot. the objective of this team should be to WIN THE STANLEY CUP. JAGR DOES NOT GET US ANYWHERE NEAR A STANLEY CUP!!!!!!!! thats why i hate the deal.

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