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12-04-2013, 08:42 PM
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This begs a question: is the franchise's unwillingness to get rid of Poile due to a cultural issue amongst the ownership? I'm not talking necessarily about black/white/purple - I'm talking about "Old Southern Money".

There is a perception - right or wrong, I don't know - that those who have made their fortunes in Middle Tennessee tend to "sit" on that fortune instead of loosening the purse strings. The ownership perhaps may not want to make a move, because it would mean they would have to spend more money than they have to, to get a quality GM/VPICOO that may or may not bring them success on the ice.

In short, the owners are taking the old saw about a bird in the hand too much to heart.

We keep wondering if things would get worse under someone other than Poile; perhaps that is exactly why the PFO doesn't want to get rid of him, either?

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