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12-04-2013, 11:46 PM
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Looking for a bit of advice on fit.

I am buying new skates because I am realizing that my current 2 yr old Easton Synergy (size 7D) are certainly to long and not wide enough. I play D-League Hockey 1-2 times per week.

I tried several skates at a local store and shortlisted the following skates.

-Bauer Supreme One.6 Size 6.5 EE
-CCM RBZ 70 Size 6 D

Both of these skates are comfortable. But my problem is that they are not, in fact, perfect. They are simply the best that I could try.

- The One.6 was a very good fit in width, but my toes don't brush up against the tip at all. They are better than my current Eastons, but I feel would ideally need a 6. They don't have the One.6 in 6EE, so I tried the One.9 in 6EE and felt a bit "squeezed". But it seemed to be a volume thing, not a foot size thing?

-Something similar happened with the RBZ 70, but worse. I feel like the 6D is a decent fit, but I get slight pressure points in the front/toebox area AND my toes don't brush up against the front. The 6EE seemed a bit too wide. The store suggested that I may be a 5.5EE in RBZ, but they didn't have this for me to try. The 5.5D didn't even come close to fitting.

So now for the questions:

1) I feel like I should get the One.6 in size 6.5EE (that feels the most comfortable). Is it a big deal that it is probably a bit too long? I don't think my foot would slide very much and the heel lock looks decent. This seems better to me than going down a size and not having enough volume or feeling tight in other places? Or does the heat moulding take care of this and the lenght is more important?

2) Could I really be a 5.5 in RBZ? Is it worth for me to hunt around town looking for a 5.5EE even if I don't come close to fitting a 5.5 D? This would mean the difference in volume in RBZ between D and EE is substantial (more so than other makes?)

At this point, it is a good thing I found this thread as I have tried so many different skates that I am getting complete decision paralysis.


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