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01-24-2004, 03:37 AM
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Originally Posted by thestonedkoala
The other thing is this: I find it really hypocritical of the Flyer fans to think that this trade was even when they think trading Ruslan Fedotenko and 2 2nd round draft picks (WHICH THEY USED to move around and grab other useful players) for the 4th overall pick.
I'm no Flyers fan so I hope you won't find this hypocritical, although you may disagree. I think you're not assessing the situations fairly at all. You have to put yourself in the shoes of management and stop focusing on deals exclusively. In one case, you have a high pressure situation where your two top centers going down while the playoffs aren't that far. You get out there and acquire a proven veteran all-star, one of the best setup man the business has ever seen. You send a couple of reasonably good picks in a reportedly poor draft as well as a goalie who may take ages to get to the big show. It's a move contenders do.

By their natures, contenders tend to do moves that are ill-perceived here at HF. I feel this is unfortunate because I think people are missing the point of what the NHL is about. It's bout trying to win the SC, not develop prospects and not even win deals.

Originally Posted by thestonedkoala
Yeah, Pitkanen is world class talent but what good would he have done for Tampa if he was still developing through their systems? They needed good veteran, older players ready to play now they had a bunch of young gun guys like Richards and Lecavalier and needed to balance it out. Also Ruslan is still pretty young.
It's all about urgency. In Phillies' case, you're talking about a contender AND a disastrous situation near the finish line. In Jay Feaster's case, there was absolutely no urgency. His team was not about to contend. You said it yourself: "he needed a good veteran". Then you mention how Fedotenko is still young. I would add that he is not anywhere good in my book, certainly not enough to get a Pitkanen. So he's not a veteran, he's not good and it's been widely reported that several GMs were caught by surprise by Feaster's move.

I think he clearly did not shop enough. He was a rookie and made a terrible mistake. We're not talking about a goalie here. We're talking about a guy who already had "surefire top 4" written all over him and you could see he was relatively close to the big show. In fact, one year later, he's already here and could already help TB.

If they had picked a truly good veteran, I might think the deal was poor but still ok. But this is just terrible because both "VALUE" and "NEEDS" were not fulfilled by this deal. It's gotta be at least ONE of those qualities to make a good trade, IMO. Steals usually happen when you can get both.

In the case of Clarke, value was not there (although people are overreacting here, this is clearly not as bad as some make it out to be) but need was fulfilled. And most importantly, urgency because of the team situation warranted such a deal.

What is the incentive to throw a Pitkanen for a loser like Fedotenko? What is the urgency? Why did it need to happen right then? The draft wasn't even started! The season isn't started yet. There's no hurry. No justification whatsoever. There are dozens of players like Fedotenko, and Pitkanen is going to gain value each and everyday.

A year later, we're looking at a player who has great, great value and would already be one of the most untouchable players in the organization. It's terrible. It wasn't bad luck by Tampa. Just a guy who didn't do his homework at all.

The intent to correct the deficiencies was justified. But the moment, the price, the return... everything is just wrong and illogical.

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