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01-24-2004, 05:04 AM
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Originally Posted by thestonedkoala
My biggest problem and the problem I have with Clarke is that it feels like he didn't think it out, and he sacrifices a good chunk of the future for now, or really, really good bargining chips for later trades for now.
Well yeah. Because now was the time for him. Why should he think of the future when it's crunch time and his team has a good chance?

Especially when the price is ridiculously low for his organization?

Originally Posted by thestonedkoala
I guess I see things differently because I watch the Wild and I would've hated to see them trade:

Harding + their 1st (Brent Burns) their 2nd (Patrick O'Sullivan) and their 3rd (Danny Irmen) for a rental player like Oates to make it deeper into the playoffs.
Obviously, your team is pretty new and was not a contender. In say, a decade, if the Wild reach maturity and are contending and really close... things might be different. It's extremely difficult to be in a position where you feel you can win the cup. You know it's not even a garantee but you know your chances are good.

It's all about the Cup. It's the holy grail. That's why you draft, develop, play, compete, trade, build, structure, perform. There's no other goal.

If you can get a proven star player who may make a difference at a time where incredible bad luck strikes and it costs you pocket change that won't even put a dent in your team, why the hell wouldn't you do it? Look at the Flyers, do they look like they care?

They've got a GM who can make great deals, they've got money to sign and retain players, they've got one of the most underrated scouting staff around, plenty of depth both on their pro team, farm and junior prospects.

I've heard guys with your philosophy talk about bad "youth trades" like Zubrus, Prospal and recently Williams yet the Flyers continue to perform well and they continue producing more young guys. Obviously, they are doing something right.

I think you see those moves as shortsighted because you put those trades in a vacuum and focus on them exclusively instead of looking at the big picture. It's ressource management and it involves a lot more than just winning trades.

When your team is at the critical moment where it is contending (and believe me, you WILL feel priviledged because this is a 30 team league and there's only one Cup Champ per year) you may change your mind. If your GM is serious about taking care of business, he certainly won't mind taking those hard decisions if he is ever in this predicament of losing his two top guys.

If anything, Clarke is not the best GM in the league because he hasn't made more of those kind of deals to get the goaltending he needed. Other than that (and his very confrontational ways and verbal assaults in the media) he is one of the very best out there.

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