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The absolute best thing anybody with back pain / back issues can do, and it took me 10 years of throwing my back out 3 or 4 times a year before i learned this, is to get into really good shape, especially your core muscles. Do P90X. Get your abs poking out. The back can only take the strain and pressure for so long. If you want to take the strain off, you have to build up the supporting muscles in the back, and the ab muscles in the front that counter them. That, flat out, is the only way to actually fix the problem. You can take pills, go the chiropractor, and flip upside down on an inversion table. I did all of them and it helps to manage the pain. Couple years ago i had enough, said **** this, i'm done living like an 80 year old in my early 30's, dropped weight, did P90x, started lifting, got into really good shape, and what used to be a 4 times a year problem i haven't had since.

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