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12-05-2013, 04:10 PM
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Originally Posted by token grinder View Post
There are plenty of variables that you don't want to see or acknoledge. When I said is it the players, I think they are not producing at the level to which they have either shown in the past and were rewarded for it and expected to continue it, or haven't developed the way we as fans expected them too. I don't put development fully on coaching, but actually more on a players drive, which is something we don't know about it. We don't know how much work in the offseason they put in, we don't know how much tape and opponet study they do. We don't know how much the guys care to go above and beyond the 4 hours of on ice practice a week or the couple hours of film. It is what seperates the guys with equal skills from good to great to elite.

That is where I am going with blaming the players. I don't hear enough or read about the work they put into their games. And it makes more sense to me than just arbitralily blaming the system or Poile and his 8000 grinders. Those guys, while I don't like the term all bring a skill set and brought depth we desperatley needed. And I think they have for the most part been fine. I want to believe Stalberg, Wilson, Forsberg have been the difference in where we thought we might be and where we are. They have not produced.
It's the GM's job to bring the best players into the organization. It's the coach's job to get them to perform like they should. So Poile has selected the all the right players, whether that be thru draft, trade, free agency, waivers or whatever, who have produced better elsewhere or shown promise. And Trotz has put them in the best position to succeed, in practice and games. Yet the players haven't worked hard enough in their development or have the correct drive to achieve success? These players were all fine, but once they came here, they all of sudden didn't cut it? That's an incredible claim. And if so, it's still Trotz's fault for not getting them to develop and/or Poile's fault for either selecting players who don't give a crap or for not shipping the players out.

Trotz and Poile clearly can do no wrong.

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