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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
I've had a ref tell me he was hoping I would have kicked the guys butt because the player was hated by everybody, including the refs and guys on his team. He challenged me to fight and then turtled as soon as I took my helmet off and engaged him. My point as far as fighting and hitting go in non check/no fighting rec leagues go is you have to be ready for contact. I think you're crazy if you sign up for a mens league and expect everybody to behave like perfect gentlemen. You have to figure out who the hot heads are, who you should be weary of, who you don't have to worry about and protect yourself at all times. I think if you take that route and carry yourself as somebody who can take care of business if push comes to shove a lot of the dumb stuff that goes on is avoided because people know you're not somebody to mess with. Like others have said we all have jobs, I don't want to get my teeth knocked out, I don't want to get suspended cause it's $400 to play but at the same time I'm fully aware hockey is or can be a violent sport and there are some crazy dudes out there who don't care about the above points. I don't turn my back on guys when I'm in the corner so I can get leveled, I always expect contact and I've managed to play 20 years with a few stitches and knee surgery after my first season 20 years ago. I think it's part luck and a lot of hockey smarts.

I've done the same, told a team, as long as there's no blood they have free reign on a guy, because I know he is going to spear/butt end them behind the play and I won't catch it because of something else, etc.

As far as being aware, absolutely agree, too many weekend warriors going 80 in a 30 that can't spell edge, let alone control one, they go careerning into the corner using the defenseman as a whoopee cushion and then act offended when you whistle them for a body check.

Leagues need to develop a two minute penalty for stupidity, it would be the most widely called penalty, everywhere.

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