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12-05-2013, 05:06 PM
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Alright, so finally got to try out the 20k I bought last week. I've never tried a Reebok stick before, and to be honest the initial impression it gave me was not a good one.

For starters, I find the puck feel much different than my Mako. I found myself looking down a lot more than usual to make sure I still had the puck. Also, the feel when receiving passes was "harsh"... the stick doesn't really dampen vibrations very well. I received one hard pass that actually hurt my hands.

For shooting the stick was meh. I'm accustomed to a P92 and this thing has a Datsyuk curve. I found elevating the puck a little more difficult but that's not a bad thing. The bonus is my backhand is MUCH better with the Dats curve.

Passing with it was great. Throwing lasers on the tape all night. This is generally the best part of my game and I can't decisively say whether the stick helped or not.

I'm going to make a few tweaks and see if it makes a difference. I've been using a white stick with black tape all year and decided to tape the 20k white so in my peripheral vision it looked bizarre and that could have further hurt my puck feel as well. Might try black tape on it and see if that makes any sort of difference.

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