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01-24-2004, 08:04 AM
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Modry on other teams in the league would be paired with stay at home types who would hide his less than kipper defencive skills and would be thought of as a real talent. Remember, this is the NHL where they factor in scoring as the primary point in deciding who is the best defenceman every year in the Norris trophy. I say, Modry has allot of value in a trade and that offencive defencemen are always thought of as worth more than stay at home types.

Given that we are going to scrap and struggle *again* to maybe make the playoffs, I would also look to move Corvo (young offencive defencemen with scoring ability and under the right system might be steady is how I would put the tapes together to pitch him) or Modry (former All Star who is decent in his own end when paired with a solid player and will be a pretty good option on the PP) but I would be looking for a stay at home dead on reliable defenceman for them.

We are chock full of potential offencive defencemen, we aren't as stocked with hulking bruisers who play solid defence back there. Adding another scoring defencemen wouldn't be the answer to me.

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