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12-05-2013, 11:21 PM
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Originally Posted by jwhouk View Post
See, that's kinda what you guys down there don't understand - when the temps go down, it just gets cold and freezes. Because I'm in the part of Wisconsin that just gets weather right in from the Plains, it not only gets cold but it gets windy as well.

When the temps start to go up, that's when the snow starts to fly. The air gets too cold for precipitation to form, so it takes warming (usually from daylight) to start the snow flying. It's actually strange - it can be clear and cold all night, and then come morning, it starts snowing.

Right now, we're dealing with our last snow, which was more or less rain "pellets". That stuff made it slushy when it hit the ground and roads, and then it froze when the temps dropped. The wind just makes it feel worse.

yeah, i'm still questioning why people live in these places.

cue lewis black bit on scandanavians moving to wisco/minnesota.

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