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12-06-2013, 03:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Kwayry View Post
The way the team plays offense makes me wonder what AV was talking about earlier. Every dman except McD needs to step up?
He called out Girardi, Stralman, Staal, DZ, Falk and Moore. that's 6/7 of your defensive corps.
If 6/7 of your Dmen are not playing up to par, maybe you should take a look at the Defensive coach or the system?

This team's problem is not D, it's scoring goals. He was brought in to upgrade the offense, which he has failed to do thus far but he calls out his Defense. The man is losing credibility with me.

Between John Moore, DZ and Falk, I find it pretty hard to believe that they are scratched for any little thing, yet Pouliot and Pyatt fail to produce anything and keep getting chances to play. I heard Joe mention in the telecast that the coaching staff liked Pouliot and are giving him every chance to "find his game".
It doesn't sound like ice time is earned

One other peculiar thing he said.

So it's the D's fault that they are not scoring enough?

Ya know, if the offense can finish some of the chances they are getting, you wouldn't have a problem scoring.

How about Pouliot, Pyatt, Richards, Brass?
I haven't heard him call out anybody on offense yet.

He is officially on my Ratings Watch Negative list.
I don't agree.

AV said exactly what I said would be our big struggle when adopting to him. To the dot.

We had no transition game under Torts. Our D's were banned from passing the puck. All good teams in this league right now have for years worked on having Ds making those passes up ice. They try to keep the puck within the team and fights to win the momentum battle and they are prepared to take risks for it.

This is plays someone like Staal hasn't been making for 3.5 years. Its lanes our forwards haven't skated in for 3.5 years. Its not all the Ds fault.

But its definitely what we are struggling with. Our problem is not that we can't defend, its that we give pucks away in the wrong situations, nothing makes you more vunerable than that. We are unsecure in that situation where the skaters are looking to attack but end up playing defense instead. AV said it himself, Staal is playing alot of defense because the offensive plays aren't made when he is on the ice. Girardi is definitely having the same problems. Boy do he throw pucks all over the place.

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