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12-06-2013, 09:12 AM
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Originally Posted by lbrowne View Post
With AV's system and active defense, despite a slow start for Staal I would keep him and let Girardi go.

And I LOVE Girardi.

I still don't want to give up on MDZ.

Girardi is a warrior and hes bled a ton for this team, but his style of play does not fit AVs system, I agree. I regrettably would part ways with him (hopefully at the trade deadline?)

MDZ has played well in a top4 role in the past, I thought he's looked good in the past 2 games playing the left side again.

Staal has had a rocky start to this year, but we all know the kind of player he can be and the money he will earn next year. The question at this juncture is will it be worth paying Marc Staal 6+ mill a year to play 2nd pair minutes behind McDonagh? I think that unless we can get Marc to play the right side and slot in Girardi's position, it would not be a good investment of our cap to commit such a large amount to someone in a secondary role.We have 4 very capable LHD, and if we plan on keeping all 4 of them one of them will be going to waste unless one can play the right side well. If that is not viable, then we have to look into moving one of them.

Moore is still a very raw talent with great skating ability and a great shot, he has a lot of upside and can grow into a very talented player. But that's all he is right now, upside. He shows flashes of brilliance and can wow you with his skating, but the next shift he will make you scratch your head at some of the reads he makes. This isn't surprising, he is still young and learning the position.

MDZ is the same age as Moore, at 23, but has about 150 more games in the NHL than John. He has great vision and an awesome first pass and decent skating, but his shot leaves more to be desired. He too makes his share of dumb mistakes but some of this can be attributed to not playing in his natural position. His confidence is a very big determining factor in how he is playing. When he had to fill in the top 4 in the previous 2 seasons he has played exceptionally well, so we know he has the talent to play there, he just has to show it more consistently. His poor play recently hurts his trade value so if he is moved sometime this year we will not likely get a fair return for him.

Staal holds a lot of trade value and would probably be the wisest move asset management wise. He is the only expendable asset that could fetch us a bonafide top line forward, considering this team always has problems finding talent up front.

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