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12-06-2013, 06:58 PM
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At about the 5 month mark on these, so here's an update:

Changes :

The 4 month long experiment with the CCM Custom arch support insoles (MED) is now over and I've replaced them (permanently going forward) with Superfeet Yellow.

I also did a second bake when I put SF back in a month ago, for a more accurate mold of my foot's posture.

I switched out the CCM insoles not because I didn't like them, but because SF gave me marginally better better stability and control without sacrificing comfort. The CCM insoles are purely a support and comfort product, designed to support 3 different arch heights (Low, Medium, High) and should be an excellent product for someone looking for that specific benefit. I, however, have never had arch problems, so the benefit and comfort of that wasn't lost when I switched over. SF is a better performance product for myself.

Performance: As solid as ever, and for my size and playing frequency, not a huge concern. What you'd expect from an $800 skate.

Fit and Comfort: No changes, still amazing, especially with the second bake.

Durability: An area that I'll need to pay attention to going forward. Check out the pictures and captions below.

Tendon guard on left skate is losing some stitching in the corner and starting to separate. The guard itself (on both skates) is still structurally sound but has softened a bit with break-in. That itself isn't concerning, though you should watch out to go easy on that area.

Toecap and outsole are showing the first signs of separation. No problems now, but might be down the road. Will keep it monitored and maintained.

Similar concern on the right skate.

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