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01-05-2007, 02:53 PM
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Adjusting to new skates

Is it normal to have to learn to skate again when buying new skates? That's how it feels. I went from some cheap $50 pair of CCM 92's that were carbon steel. I've had them for a year and after recommendation I decided to buy a real pair of hockey skates. I picked up some Bauer Vapor10's. I went to public skate today and it was like having to learn to skate again. I found stopping very difficult compared to my old skates, the blade didn't want to seem to angle. I figure it could be due to a few things, these are my first stainless steel skates, they are new and haven't been broken in, and also the blade is different, has triangular holes in the blade (are these t-blades? if so I've heard they are difficult to adjust to). They look like this:

Just wondering if this is normal. It's discouraging since I traded in my cheap CCM's, though I'm thinking about going back and buying them for whatever they marked them up to!

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