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Originally Posted by ponzu4u View Post
There was a play, early in the 3rd of last night's game, that pretty much perfectly sums up my frustrations with the Rangers this year.

D. Moore ended up in a little cross-check battle with Pysk(?) behind the net. The whistle blows, and as they're going at it, Weber comes over and he and Pysk both rough up Moore against the glass.

Now, the play had just been in the Sabres zone, so it's not like the rest of the team was on the other side of the ice. Also, the whistle was blown so it's not like this was going on behind the play.

In my opinion, it takes way too long for a single Ranger to even enter the frame as the two Sabres work over Moore. Then, the first Ranger who does, Boyle, already has a Sabre in a headlock, which, with simple arithmetic, means that while this is all going on, there is a Ranger player on the ice who isn't even paired off with anyone.

Then, when more Rangers players skate over, could they possibly look more disinterested as they halfheartedly kind of hold the nearest Sabre jersey.

And look, I'm really not trying to make a huge deal out of this, just point out an example of what's been bothering me with this team all season.

Watch how quickly and aggressively the majority of this team skates into a scrum. Watch how quickly they skate over to an opponent after he lays a big hit on a ranger.

There just seems to be this weird vibe of complacency or non-aggresion or something going on with the team this year, and considering the path to the Cup this year likely leads through Boston and then against one of either LAK, SJ, or ANA, that worries me.

And the reason it worries me is that our offense is not good enough to consistently over-power teams while avoiding the rough stuff. It's one thing now during the regular season when it's one game and then you don't see them again for months. But in the playoffs, the ice gets smaller, the checking gets tougher and the hits get harder, and that's just not a style of play I see the Rangers getting better at.

So waffle, maybe that answers your post a bit. I'm not saying this team needs to be immediately blown up, but, as presently constituted, I just don't see how you can look at this roster and the way they've played this season, and expect that they will be able to "improve" on that play in a seven game, grind it out, playoff series. Unfortunately, and yes it's my and only my opinion, I don't really see the roster as is right now as a legitimate Stanley Cup threat. Being the toughness thread, I will advocate that improving team toughness could potentially help this team compete, particularly come extra-physical playoff time. In a different thread, I'm happy to discuss the team's need to find more consistent goal scoring and offense, because I actually do think that's probably a more pressing concern for the team right now.

This team is nothing more than .500

On that particular play McCormick and Scott were on the ice...the guys on our team were looking to get off the ice not protect anyone else when they can't protect themselves.

Reminds me of when we had those soft teams with Rozi, Redden, Gomez, Drury, etc...

If Sather wasn't asleep...these are some of the players waived so far this year:

Ryan Stanton rugged damn that can play.
Tootoo not a real fan but he would still be our toughest guy.
Kaleta crazy ******* and dirty.
Keaton Ellerby big dman.
Lane Macdermid pure protection.
Luke Gazdic just beat up Patrick Bordelau - complete shock

Future moves:

Jack Nevins FA contract
Carter Sandlak FA contract

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