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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Read CARHA beyond 46(A). 46(B) - 1.),2.),3) plus 46 (E),(F),(G),(H), no minor mandated.
I don't think you are understanding this.

If a player challenges or argues a ruling, a call, he shall be assessed a two minute minor for unsporstmanlike conduct.

46B states that if he PERSISTS, then a 10 minute call shall be assessed.

46E states that if a player does not immediately go to the box, then a 10 shall be assessed, mentions nothing about a player arguing a call.

46F states that a player shall receive a misconduct, if he continues to incite an opponent after a warning.

46G states that if a player engages in taunts of a discrimantory nature, then a game misconduct shall be assessed, nothing about arguing a call

46H states that a player shall be assessed a misconduct if they enter the referee's crease, again, nothing about arguing a call.

The only rules that you mentioned that state ANYTHING about arguing a call is 46A and 46B,

46A states that a minor shall be assessed
46 B states that a misconduct shall be assessed if they persist.

Again, it's not hard, just read the rules that you quoted.

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