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12-07-2013, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
He's been beyond dreadful recently. I find myself yelling at him more on the television these days than Boyle - and I yell at Boyle A LOT

Wouldn't be opposed to dealing him. Have never been Callahan's biggest fan.

Dubinsky > Callahan.

I mean, Callahan is making $4.275 a year right now. He's going to be looking for a raise and a long contract. Do the Rangers really want to give Callahan 5 years at $5mil? He can't stay healthy, and he's not that good to be earning that kind of money.

Is railing your captain blasphemy?

Let him go sign in Buffalo for that kind of money.
Never really thought Callahan was a better player than Dubinsky. They're about even in my eyes. I have some real doubts that Callahan will sign with Buffalo if he becomes a free agent. Would you if you were in his position? That team doesn't look like it's going anywhere for the next several years and he's best in the role of a supporting offensive producer than as a main guy. They have Steve Ott getting premium ice time with pwp. Ott is much, much better as a bottom 6 player. Really think that if a team like Boston were to give him a serious offer a player like him could find and fit into a role that would elongate his career.

Originally Posted by Fitzy View Post
If you let Callahan go because he wants 6 million instead of the 5 you'd give him, exactly what are we going for to replace his spot in the top 6?

You all make it sound like this is a situation of any dollar overpayment means we can just cut the guy loose and not be any worse off. I've heard people who want Girardi and Callahan to go. What are you doing with that money? Keeping Richards?
And that's a great question--and a great post because the Rangers are going to be taking a step back losing either one until they find someone to fill their roles which could take some time. Without both of them the Rangers next year are going to struggle a lot. One of them would be bad enough. In the long run it might be the right thing to do but in the here and now and for the short run it's going to hurt the team--and next year very likely the same people will be climbing all over Staal's back--so there's the point of where and when does this all complaining end? Richards is the most obvious player who has to go--not Callahan or Girardi.

Originally Posted by Inferno View Post
id keep Cally before i keep Girardi.

Girardi is the perfect sell now kinda guy.

Still an effective player, but some rough miles on his body. Could fetch a lot more than he's actually worth.
Not so sure about that. One thing you have to say for Girardi is--people waiting for him to break down like Callahan in the next few years--he hardly ever misses a game. Girardi has a body that is made for abuse--a very low pain threshold and can play banged up better than probably anyone else on the team. For a right side d-man who can knock heads with the best players in the league and hardly ever take penalties--that's something. He's more dependable than Callahan. You know he's going to play and even if he has some clunkers and you know the balance of his work over the course of a season is going to be pretty good and the Rangers have no one currently in house to replace him with. They can move the deck chairs around without Callahan.

That said Callahan is the captain and moving your captain or not signing him signals that something is not working right in Rangers land.

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