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Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
Forsberg played 16 games in 2007-08.
Forsberg played 3 games in 2008-09.
Forsberg played 23 games of a 55 game season in 2009-10.
Forsberg played 4 games in the 2010 Olympics.
Forsberg played 2 games 2010-11.

How is that consistent with Boucher retiring for six years and coming back temporarily because of a war? Forsberg never retired and never missed hockey for an entire season between 2006-07 and 2010-11.

You have Al MacInnis listed as playing until 2004 in the defensemen project. Considering he played his last game in 2003 (beginning of 2003-04), while Forsberg played his last game in 2011 (end of 2010-11), you should probably stay consistent to that, because both were cases of injury.

And frankly, if Ed Belfour's 29 games for Leksands counted in the goalie project when you said he retired in 2008 instead of 2007, then I find this slippery slope you are on with knowingly mislabeling career lengths to be a poor choice.
I suppose the 2010 Olympics are relevant. His time in the Swedish domestic league, probably less relevant than the AHL in the Original 6 era

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