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12-07-2013, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
Appreciate it, I apologize too if I ever came off too harshly, but your initial post was very aggressive and just unnecessary in general. Your second one felt like a personal assault at times.

I understand where you're getting at, but this is a team that has shown nothing to warrant being happy overall with it over this season and last season combined with each other and this is a message board so there's always going to be people saying ridiculous things. I tend to ignore them unless they're completely not in line with reality in which case it's best to talk to those specific people rather then a general statement like you did.
It's all good man, we're just both some passionate fans who want our team to win, it's nothing personal. I honestly didn't intend my first post as being that aggressive but I can understand why it could come off like that. My second comment was just unnecessary and a mistake.

The last two seasons have had a lot of ups and downs, obviously with many more downs than ups, then the team starts to lose a game, which is frustrating, and then people make stupid comments that make no sense out of frustration, which frustrates me even more. I need to just ignore it or at least respond to them directly instead of making vague statements that are just asking to be misunderstood.

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