Thread: Speculation: Habs interested in Ryan O'Reilly
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12-07-2013, 05:35 PM
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Lets back up and just think this one out. At one time he might have been available. Why in god's green earth would the Avs wanna trade him now? After Feaster offer sheeted him (like the incompetent GM he is), what little friction there may have been between the O'Reilly camp and the Avs definitely subsided. It makes sense to trade from a position of strength, but Colorado seems to love O'Reilly, and the feeling is certainly mutual.

Players like him are a dime a dozen. If you find a gem who can contribute regularly and play an impeccable two-way game like that, why would you be trying to offload him at all?

This rumor has got to be bull. And this is coming from a fan who can say his favorite player is O'Reilly. I'd be the next guy to start making ridiculous ROR proposals. Would give my left nut and a half to see him dawn a Sabres sweater. But being realistic, it probably won't ever happen.

O'Reilly's the type of player who would be a lifer in Colorado. Reminds me a lot of Modano in Dallas. Might make a quick cameo on another team later in his career, but he's an Av for life.

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