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01-24-2004, 02:21 PM
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Originally Posted by AL-Canadian
Jonesey - What does it have to do with being a Canadian (see the proper spelling - you have the French version, which les Habitants de Montreal use actually) site? There are a ton of US-ites that are downgrading the Preds. If you really want to come across as someone with knowledge about hockey, it doesn't help your cause to put down those who live and breathe the game. When the Preds make the playoffs, they really will have accomplished something. Several of those teams TSN has rated ahead of the Preds have proven they can get the job done (playoffs), so until we're there, respect still has to be earned.
I've always used the ien version, even when I lived 20 miles or so from Canada, and when I visited. I was merely pointing out the fact that we still get no respect even when we beat 3 of the top teams in the league in one week. My comment was to be taken tounge-in-cheek so to speak, I really didn't think it would cause an uproar and I'm sorry you took offense to it.

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