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1. Marc Staal//Tremendous potential. Tremendous poise. The best skater prospect we have had since Kovalev.
2. Lauri Korpikoski//I have Lauri this high. He is a quality prospect in all aspects. Despite a few other prospect beeing more effective and having better edge then Lauri I feel very comfortable that he will make it and be a very good "tool" for us. Perfect with the new rules. Great attitude.
3. Al Montoya//Alvaro have allot of potential. I think he is looking good. He is a bit flawed, but that is almos a plus. He is playing well without beeing perfect positionally, if he can get that in order he could become a good starter in this league.
4. Brandon Dubinsky//I feel that Sanguetti, Dubinsky, Anisimov and Sauer all kind of have the same potential. All 4 are very well rounded, no real hard fixed flaws, all IMO have "Fedor Tyutin" type of potential. Very refreshing to have. I feel that Brandon have come the furthest of the 4 and have him the highest. Brandon must become better in the transition game. IMO he looks like a great 1st round pick, if he were 2 years younger. He is not very well rounded, like most great 18 y/o. He must round his game out, but when/if he does I belive this kid could become very valueble! I love his combination of edge and nose for the net.
5. Bobby Sanguetti//Bobby will need time and needs to be developed. He is a good test for our organization. He could become very good. A very good prospect. I don't think he is a misfit in any way, like many very talented prospects are. He could also become very valueble for us.
6. Artem Anisimov//Artem natrually are very raw. He is a typical mid 1st round talent. The big question is how we are gooing to get him from beeing a talented kid with great size and very good skill level -- to take the next step and become a producer at the pro level. Forwards needs to produce. I am a little bit afraid that he will become a Lyashenko type of player, someone who quit can't get it together offensivly at the highest level. Its really hard to get that far, only 5-6 players out of a entire draft becomes top 2 line players. Anisimov could get there, just like Dubinsky, but he needs to work hard and allot of things must fall into place. In comparision with Korpikoski and Dubinsky I feel that Anisimov is a player who is easier to shut down, Artem must get his skill level to a stage were he is above avg at the NHL. The results right now, a very good prospect, but someone we should have reasonable expectation on.
7. Ryan Callahan//I don't feel Callahan have all that great potential, his size and strength is a issue, his playmaking skill aren't great. But you gotta love his drive and work ethic. I feel that he might become a Jason Blake type of player, but inorder to get there he must become as effective as Blake is off the puck too, with a game that great without the puck the offense will come regualry, without it at the NHL level a player like Blake would be very "strechy", coaches would loose patience with him, his confident would be hurt. Blake is always a good player without scoring, thats the key to his offensive game. Callahan must become that kind of player. I think there is a good chance he will become that, and thats the reason I have him as high.
8. Michael Sauer//You gotta love Sauers attitude, complete skill package and especially his lateral movement thats so vital at D in the NHL today. Sauer will probably need 2 years atleast in the AHL. Though with his well rounded game and size the pay off will become very good if he can take the next step. With so many prospects its like they need to develop and fix their flaws, and IF they do that you know that their still will be a struggle to establish themself in the NHL, to find their roles. Like with Pck. Though with Sauer you know that if he can just pick it up a few notches it won't be hard to find a role for him in the NHL.
9. Tom Pyatt I think we should be a bit careful with this pick. He have looked good in the WJC, but that don't gaurantee a thing. So did Garth Murray for example, who also played a big role for Canada. Pyatt doesn't really have any outstanding aspects, especially not in his offensive game. He is not very big, and his speed aren't that great. Thats the negatives. However, is still a very good prospect. He is also one of thoose players who you gotta love because of his attitude and hustle. He needs to develop some more but have 2nd-3rd line type of potential and its with a base of these type of players that I belive will save the organization and be our future. Attitude is so important in Hockey.
10. Thomas Pck Thomas will become 25 y/o this season. Thats his biggest problem, he is running out of time. Making a late change from forward to D is his biggest problem. He do have Marc Andre Bergeron/Freddy Meyer type of potential. But his biggest problem IMO is that he aren't all that great with the puck out of his own end, his biggest strength is from the blueline and in. Puckmovement out of your own end is so important right now, Pck have the skill set to provide that, but needs more experience and poise. Its here his age becomes a problem.

I've left Immonen and Dawes out because in the end thoose two have their flaws, and I don't think any of them, quite frankly aren't good enough at their specialtis to succed in the NHL. Dawes speed over the length of the ice is a big questionmark. His size is a big question mark. It would be great if he could make it despite thoose flaws. His strengths, the noose for the net and the workethic, would be sought after and we could have needed them this season. But right now I don't think his overall game are good enough, but he is really close. Though with Nigel its kind of all or nothing. Immonen just aren't 2nd line center matria IMO. When I look at him I don't see what exactly will make him a good 2nd line center.

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