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Originally Posted by Cfriss216 View Post
They battled through the whole game, Guelph is a team gunning for an OHL title and the Whalers at the opposite. I know we have had some things to say about Rathgeb earlier in the season, but I like the character this kid has. For a euro, he's had a few fights already and dropped the gloves last night, not being afraid to charge the net, and getting pucks through. There's always some work to do defensively but it's to easy to look at the negative all the time. I think they messed that 2nd goal up on the call. I think Lorentz tipped that Rathgeb shot and not Chatham. Speaking of Chatham, he needs to get going in my opinion. He has some good shifts but he's not bringing it consistently, he's better than that. We can't rely on Lorentz, Hartman, and Sandlak every game to get us 2 or 3 goals to have a chance.

Also wanted to mention Henderson got worked down low a bit tonight, especially by the big Justin Auger in the first, but I will be excited to see how he is playing a year from now.
You didn't see the same game as me. We sucked in all three zones and it showed it's ugly head tonight. We have too much work to do on our problems to even think about being competitive on a nightly basis. Rathgeb sucks as an OHL D man, regardless of what he dropped or who he thought he might fight. This guy is miserable a a OHL D-Man. Chatham might have been the most consistent player on the offense tonight. Rumors around the rink include a trade that involves more rebuilding, players names with held in respect to them. If said trade happens, don't be shocked, just think about when we make the playoffs next year. I say all this right on the heels of what I considered to be our best game at home, last night. It was brought to my attention that I should not be so vocal about our short comings. To this I say, forget about feelings, let's just start doing a better job down low and get the puck out. Is Vellucci not getting the message across? Why do we suck so bad within our own zone? I say at this point, that we will struggle to make the playoffs. I have always known the Vellucci Whalers to be good in their own end, even when we didn't have the stuff to score at will. Speaking of Sandlak, I heard that an NHL team is looking to sign him. For his sake, I hope it is true. He might not have to endure the rest of this deal...

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