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12-08-2013, 01:53 AM
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Originally Posted by CanadianFlyer88 View Post
Ronnie Lott logic.

If you don't know, he injured his finger in the 1985 season playing for the 49ers. Surgery would not have allowed him to come back for the start of the '86 season, so he had part of the finger amputated.
Yeah, pretty awesome.

Virginia Tech linesman Greg Nosal had part of his finger torn off in a game back in 2010. The trainer wanted to send him and his finger-chunk to the hospital immediately. Nosal thought that was inconvenient, what with the game going on, so he had the trainer put it on ice so he could finish the game. He did.

I was at the game. There was an official's timeout while they searched the field for something. At the time we assumed someone had a tooth knocked was because they had to find the fingertip.

His quote afterwards, paraphrased: "I guess it's a big deal when you lose a finger."

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