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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
...What? I'm not saying it wasn't intentional of Neal to do that, but he was skating in a straight line almost and his feet never stopped skating. He wasn't even looking down at the ice. It's very easy to argue either way with him.

Thornton literally took an unsuspecting player down to the ice from behind and gave him two quick sucker punches to the face before anything could be done by anyone. Not sure what he expected two sucker punches to a player on the ground and an unexpected backwards fall to the ice to do but it was very much filled with ill intent there and Orpik got knocked out cold.

Marchand didn't even get hurt and was only in that position because another player legitimately hit him down on the ice right before Neal came into the picture.
I really like your posts most of the time, but you are completely uninformed on this one.
The video clearly shows Neal sticking out his left leg to make contact with Marchand's head. He also had a lot of time to react to Marchand's fall.
I mean what's worse, a guy ramming his knee-cap into someones head while being completely away from game-action or someone making a hit to the head while actually trying to make a hockey play?

I won't say Neal should get as much or more than Thornton, because you can't have guys slewfooting opponents who are already tangled up, but Neal should definitely get more than Scott did because Scott's hit was actually more of a hockey play and more accidently than what Neal did. I also hate, absolutely hate, how you are writing "he wasn't even injured". That's the worst excuse ever. Just because he wasn't injured doesn't make this any less worse.
Also he wasn't on the ice because of a legitimate hit, he was tripped by Crosby.
Seriously, have you even seen the whole segment?

Neal will someday get what he's deserving. I only hope nobody will be around to protect that punk.

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