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01-24-2004, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by ArtVandelei
Offcourse it's too much to expect for the trolls to read the article when an opportunity to bash opens up, but JFJ promptly and accurately put the reporter in his place:

"And the fact that no penalty was called on Buffalo's Jay McKee, who tore the retina of Nolan, or on the Islanders' Jason Blake, who did the same to Tucker on Tuesday, also skews the data, the GM said.

"Do they have McKee's infraction as an infraction or not an infraction? Would you consider what Blake did is an infraction? Does that show up on their penalty stats? So you better get some more Web sites," Ferguson said."
Thank you for bringing up the highlights of the article: how much of any penalty a team has doesn't give a complete picture because not every thing is called. LOADS of high sticks are missed. This should be obvious. Is there not at least one player on everyone's favorite team going around with a black eye from a high stick infraction that wasn't called?

If you want to bash the Leafs, this is not the best article to back yourself up with.

Not to give myself the last word, but since I see this is turning into a crap-fest anyway, this thread is done. A few of you can expect PMs.

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