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12-08-2013, 08:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
I picked up a beautiful Knuble game used stick at an event a few seasons back for $100.00 I believe it was... but I don't believe they used to sign them back then... at least that one wasn't. Thought of taking it to the VSZ since Knoobs almost always used to stop to sign... but sticks are so difficult to work with when the player is in his car. LOL Oh well... still a sweet looking stick with his stuff printed on it.

Many years ago I was able to buy a broken LeClair stick at a Black Horse Pike memorabilia shop that used to be around for $40.00 IIRC... The great thing about it -- besides it being old fashioned wooden and all -- is the very sever curve he had on his stick and the great wear and tear on the black tape which it seems he didn't redo much... I imagine it broke in a game or practice and he gave it to someone... or the trainer later did... and they just sold it off for quick cash. I don't see me ever
getting that signed by John. I have it taped up and is a great conversation piece with the curve and old-time construction. Worth every penny of the 40 bucks.
That's pretty cool.

Normally, I do not buy autographed items. I always wonder about the legitimacy. I've seen past news stories where they claim over 50% of signed sports items are fake. Only reason I bought the two I have because it was the team itself selling them (Flyer's Wive's Charity is basically the teams official charity). I would never have spent the $ otherwise.

Signed items are a bigger deal to me than game used. These two sticks just happened to be both.

After this year's carnival, I will be out of room for jerseys, and pretty much everything but signed pucks. I could squeeze in a another signed stick or two, but it's just too big of a headache to try to bring hockey sticks there and back on the airplane.

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