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12-08-2013, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Johnyrocket View Post
Cohesion and communication are good points! I watch Rangers games and I see the same problem that we seem to be suffering, a general discombobulation and total inconsistency.

Good news is there's lots of season left.

On a side note, you guys also seem to be suffering from the same problem we have where your big guns mysteriously stop producing. I have a feeling it's the way the organizations handle these type of players that leads to this.

Can't wait to play you guys in the Stadium Series! Haha
We have two big guns on the team. Anyone else who is saying otherwise is mistaken.

Nash is a big gun and he has been producing. And McDonagh is the other.

Hopefully we have another in Kreider. Stepan is not a big gun and neither is Richards. Anyone believe they are is wearing big homer goggles.

Although, I agree, Stepan hasn't been as good as he should be this year. That said, he's still putting up a fair amount of points.

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