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Originally Posted by SixGoalieSystem View Post
Do you think it's wrong to question Callahan's play since he came back from the broken finger? He had a good game yesterday, even with the bonehead play that cost us a potential point, but he has had a very bad stretch lately.

Callahan is my favorite Ranger, but if he keeps playing poorly (last night's game aside), I think twice before I resign him long term at 6M. I think it's likely an injury though. And he'll bounce back.
Not at all. I agree that his play hasn't been up to the bar he has set for himself in the past. I just don't think that saying he's washed up, or should be stripped of the C, or should be traded etc etc etc is "questioning his play" - it's overdramatic whining, and it's the same crap that gets said every time he hits a cold spell, and is then brushed under the rug when he comes back to form. On it's own, it wouldn't be so bad, and I wouldn't care much, but this pity party attitude has extended into almost every discussion of every topic. No one plays well, even when they do. Nothing is getting better, even when it is. No action the office takes is smart, even when it is. It's so old. Is this a place to discuss a hockey team or to just piss and moan about how much we hate a team that we all spend so much time following for one reason or another? You'd think we're following the Panthers or something with the attitude around here.

Most players go through slumps, even the best of the best. OV for example (obviously not a 1:1 with Callahan by any stretch, but he's a prominent example that most hockey fans witnessed go up and down regardless of what team they follow) has gone through seasons of slump, and look at him now. I likely wouldn't resign Cally for 6M either personally, but I'll wait to see what kind of contract he's looking for before I start posting about how he is or isn't worth it.

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