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12-08-2013, 05:36 PM
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Originally Posted by egelband View Post
orpik's hit was dirty. he lined-up eriksson and charged him from 20 feet with no interest in the puck. another example of cheap, opportunistic, thoughtless, unprofessional, disrespectful play...which is ever more popular. for anyone who says 'keep your head up' to eriksson, i'd say 'have a little respect for a fellow pro'. there's no 'hockey' play there. he just saw a chance to hurt someone and get a rise out of the stupid faction of the audience. and took it.
end result, a guy unnecessarily concussed a player and ended up with his own concussion. biblical.
(to paraphrase chris rock...i'm not saying the mugging was right, but i understand...)
neal's kick to the head was arguably the worst cheapshop of the night, actually. how that guy gets away with this stuff is amazing.
but this league is so confused... the nhl can't even get out of it's own way.
Not to mention if Orpik answered the bell with Thornton earlier instead of ducking out like a *****, he wouldn't be in the hospital. If you are going to throw hits like that be prepared to step up when someone challenges you.
I feel the same way about marchand as just about any ranger fan, but that knee was dirty, and the fact that he is only getting a phone call hearing (along with the crosby no call trip that led to the whole thing) really shows the bias toward the pens in this league.

So lets see, now we have dirty incidents between the Bruins and the Pens, Isles and the Pens, Flyers and Pens, and Rangers and Pens. Anyone see a pattern here?

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