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01-24-2004, 06:00 PM
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This is very similar to the whole debate of whether Terrell Davis should be in the NFL Hall of Fame.

For a period of roughly 8 years, Eric Lindros was a top 3 player in the NHL and the type of player everyone wanted to have, the type of player everyone dreamt about drafting, etc.

He's currently sitting with 815 points in 675 games and by the time his career is over (unless he gets another serious concussion, or retires for other reasons early), he should be able to hit 1000 points and close to 500 goals.

IMO Lindros is already a hall of famer right now though. Sure you see Lindros now and see a player who's having trouble cracking a point per game (kind of weird complaining about a player who's just under a PPG game). And sure he isn't the physical force he once was. But he's still chugging along and doing his thing. And I think that after this season, if he gets out of New York, he could potentially do a lot better, not to mention that he's already been playing better this season.

We aren't talking about a guy who was the best in his sport for like 3-4 years and then he disappeared, we are talking about the Big E, the center of the Legion of Doom and a guy who was quite possibly the best player in the NHL for a string of 8 years or so.

He gets my HOF vote any day of the week.

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