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So not only is Elitserien out, World Championships no longer just mean less in our projects - now they don't count towards a player's career?

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Changed Forsberg to 1994-2010.

I'll probably go back and fix Belfour at some point after verifying that it's inconsistent with the rest of that list
Don't forget Hasek in the Top-40, whose career was labeled as lasting until 2011.

Or Terry Sawchuk, who was labeled as playing until 1970.

Or John Vanbiesbrouck, who was labeled as playing until 2002.

Or Tom Barrasso, who was labeled as playing until 2003.

Or Bobby Orr in the Top-60, who was labeled as playing until 1979.

Or Borje Salming, who was labeled as playing until 1993.

Or Alexei Kasatonov, who was labeled as playing until 1997.

Or Paul Coffey, who was labeled as playing until 2001.

Or Peter Forsberg on FissionFire's 2009 list, who was labeled as 1990-Present.

I understand that the idea behind this is so that it would be more aesthetically pleasing than what FissionFire did, but you're getting a little too subjective. First, you lopped off 15 games from a 50 game season for Boucher. A bit of a strange decision, given that it wasn't much less than what he played in 1937-38 (and how much of that was actually 1938), but he was gone for five years in-between and it was an emergency situation. Fine.

Forsberg played in the NHL in 2006-07, never retired, and you weren't even prepared to give him credit for his NHL regular season or playoff games in 2007-08 until you heard the word "Olympics". What exactly was the motivation behind that decision? Stan Mikita's 17 games in 1979-80 are the magic number, so Forsberg's 16 games in 2007-08 are left out?

For the record, Mikita's last game was November 30th, 1979. And Mario Lemieux's last game was December 16th, 2005. And Trottier played fewer games in the calendar year of 1994 than Forsberg did in 2008.

If not Elitserien, why WHA? If not Forsberg, why Mikita? If not Boucher, why Lemieux? If not Sakic and Richard, why both Mikita and Lemieux? If not Forsberg, why Trottier?

And you don't want to give non-Iron Curtain players credit for European leagues. Fine. The circumstances here were different, considering he played his first game in a senior league two years before he was NHL-eligible, and an NHL team was actively trying to get him to leave his country while he was holding out specifically for the Olympics, but fine. But to not even give him credit for the World Championships he played in the mean time? It's not best-on-best, but it's something.

You originally labeled a player with a 22-season career as a senior (without ever going an entire year without playing somewhere) as having a 13-season career. You couldn't have expected this to go over well when considering the very counterpoint that I made in Vote 4.

It's not a big deal... but it kinda is.

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