Thread: Post-Game Talk: Capitals at Rangers 12/8/2013
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12-08-2013, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Machinehead View Post
The game has passed Sather by. It takes big, fast athletes to win in today's hockey. Kreider and McDonagh are steps in the right direction. Other than that this team is a bunch of players who are either big or fast. Or neither: namely our top 2 centers.
Nailed it. Believe it or not this team actually isn't terrible on the wings. Zuccarello has been a pleasant surprise, Kreider is developing very nicely, and obviously there's Nash/Hagelin/Callahan (Callahan has been hot turd all year though; I am 100% convinced it's the injuries).

Our problem is at Center. We currently have 3 second line centers. Here's the problem:

Stepan is not a first line center. I find it hilarious that people actually think he is a first line center on any team in this league. He's a solid 2 way 2nd line center at best; anyone that thinks otherwise needs to put down the Ranger kool aid

Richards has lost a step. He's been good this year, but he's not the dominant player he once was due to a severe decline in foot speed (watch highlights of Richards in Dallas; he was actually one of the faster players in the league).

The Richards/Stepan situtation has kind of left Brassard in an akward position. He's not going to succeed as a third line Center; we relied on him last season and he took it and ran with it. He needs top 6 minutes + PP time to be effective; he is not as good defensively as Stepan, but I'd seriously argue his offensive upside is better, especially on the PP and carrying the puck.

And then there's Boyle/Moore, both of which suck, but are both very good 4th line centers. It's very clear at this point that Boyle will never duplicate his 20 goal year.

So basically, we're left with 3 2nd line centers, 2 4th line centers, and a kid we keep bouncing around who's really a center to play wing


Sather really must have been smoking crack when he assembled the roster this year. Why even bother signing D.Moore? I love the guy but how redundant can we possibly be? Why not sign a useful 6/7 Dman other than Falk? This team is a complete mess

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