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12-09-2013, 03:13 AM
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My personal opinion is that there are some guys who are good hockey players on our roster that just don't fit our team.

Defense-wise, Staal and Girardi are great lockdown defenders but they're finished products and I don't think you'll see them completely adapt to this system. We need defenders that can pass and skate, those aren't where Staal and Girardi excel. McDonagh, on the other hand, looks like he's going to benefit tremendously from this new system. He might go from a great defenseman to elite defenseman. Stralman fits as well and should be a quality 2nd pairing RHD at the very least. MDZ and Moore can go either way but the difference between them and Staal/Girardi is that they're young and will be given time to grow into being the type of defenseman this system requires.

As far as our forwards, a lot of guys could work out. Stepan, Kreider, Nash, and Zukes have done well. Richards looks good on the wing in this type of team but he'll probably be bought out because of his contract. Hagelin should fit because of his speed and Brassard might as a good 3rd center if we can give him some scorers to play with. Callahan, Boyle, and (to a lesser extent) D. Moore and Dorsett are good hockey players but I don't like them on this type of team. Pyatt and Pouliot serve no purpose.

If you move Girardi, Callahan, Boyle, and Staal, you can bring back at least two quality pieces to help this team in the future (top 4 RHD and top 6 center, hopefully). You can fill out the rest of the roster with young guys and let them grow into this type of style of player.

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