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12-09-2013, 02:36 AM
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Originally Posted by DutchShamrock View Post
Whoa, hold on there. Maybe its not a hockey play to hit Erickson but I don't see how that justifies a slew foot, to specifically render him defenseless, and then punch him in the jaw while orpil is his back.

Maybe Roussel broke the code with his Shaw fight, and maybe Rinaldo wanted to fight as a way to make a statement. But is he then justified in sucker punching Roussel on the ice for not answering the bell?

I don't see any way to condone Thornton's actions. And I've hated orpik since his hit on Cole.

It used to be if a guy wouldn't fight immediately, he'd get some punishment until he answered. Maybe he's gassed after a long shift. Maybe he got slew footed. To me, this is the bertuzzi defense.
I didn't mean to suggest that it was justified, only that we shouldn't be surprised when it happens. When you throw boderline dirty hits, throughout the game, and refuse to answer for it when challenged, this is what happens. Add to that the Neal hit, and all the other ticky-tac stuff that we all know the pens get away with behind the play and this is what ends up happening. Teams see that happening throughout the game and get sick of it. There is lots of blame to go around here, and like I said, I am not surprised it happened. Look at the pens recent history now and they seem to be involved in a lot of this , there is a reason for that. They are dirty and they get away with a lot of bs so it boils into this.

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