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12-09-2013, 07:17 AM
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First watch this video:

For the most part that's exactly how I teach people. The only difference would be when he does the first stop at 1:31 or so. Instead of coming to a stop try to let that stopping foot (in this case your left foot) glide on the ice sideways. You want it to be shaving the ice don't bring yourself to a complete stop. See how far you can glide while still putting very slight pressure on your left skate. Make sure you turn your heel out and pivot your foot into the stop. Don't pick it up or swing it like you're turning. As you get more comfortable you can put more and more weight on that left foot. Get to the point where you can put some decent weight on it at a 45 degree angle and then you can move on to the full 90 degrees. Again, start light and work your way towards putting more weight into it later. Keep your weight back to start so you're not digging in too much.

Also, make sure when you stop your shoulders stay forward and only your hips, legs and feet pivot to the side. Your shoulders dictate your momentum so when you turn your shoulders it's going to throw your momentum to the side and start a turn. Keep your shoulders straight and your momentum will go straight into the stop ahead of you.

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