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Originally Posted by NYROrtsFan View Post
Never understood a lot of hockey fans who say that if a guy is big, and plays any type of physical game that they have to fight.

People constantly reference Boyle's size and how he should be fighting when there is absolutely no reason that should be happening.

ANd you NEVER want guys like Kreider or Nash fighting.

People sometimes confuse toughness with fighting though and we need some guys on the lower lines who actually hit a little... We have NO hitting. Hitting is the best form of toughness you can have.
It's because if you are big in the NHL you must play a physical game. Almost certainly you will be challenged.

Then you must fight.

Or not. And simply be labeled as soft and be mocked continually for such. Which is clearly not where you or your team want you to be.

Look at Boyle. If he did not play physical he would essentially be useless and run out of the league. He can't fight worth a damn....but at least he will drop the cover his face and head.

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