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12-09-2013, 11:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Raspewtin View Post
I don't see this sky high potential everyone else does. I see him being Jordan Leopold-lite. Mediocre offensive defenseman who should be playing sheltered minutes. His skating and shot, again, are great. But he has no IQ at all. Every pass he attempts is caught in a player's skates, or results in a turnover. He made many of those last night. People think MDZ has no IQ, I don't know what to say about Moore. He has a negative IQ.

Being a good skater doesn't solve anything if you have absolutely no brain.
J. Moore doesn't have a negative IQ...

The issue is that He gets caught trying to do too much, just like any youngster that is in over his head... And the situations that he does get caught in are not ALWAYS his fault... Unlike MDZ, Moore has the speed and skill to make up for SOME of his mistakes.

The problem with MDZ is purely mental in that he cannot seem to process information quick enough on the ice. When he's rushing with the puck, he panics and takles dummy shots. He also tends to falter under pressure, especially when on the PP unit.

Moore on the other hand takes too much time to do his things... This indicates a few things... For Him, it can attributed to him trying too much, and being too young to understand his limitations.
MDZ doesn't get that pass because most of the time he isn't doing ANYTHING of note, especially enough to warrant those mistakes, and simply **** up to the same degree that Moore will (he will still choke up a puck, or miss a pass to the point)...

I know there are no style points in the NHL, but Moore as a mental stability that MDZ will never have, and that is why Moores ceiling is so much higher

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