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Originally Posted by CoopThereItIs View Post
Hey fellas, just a quick question -

Say I'm on the blue line, and stationary, and a teammate passes me the puck, but its out of my reach (for two hands). I can catch the pass one handed, if I stretch out. My question is, what is the best method to do this? Every time this seems to happen, the puck goes under my stick. Should I put more pressure on my stick? Should I cup the puck? Or should I angle my blade towards the sky? Thanks in advance. I would find out for myself, but I haven't been on the ice in a while, and don't have the means to currently.
Which blue line? But in both situations, if it's close enough to one hand touch you would be best off skating to it. If that isn't possible, one hand is fine, but it depends on the speed of the pass and where the defense is. If it's a fast pass and the D is close, angle open to tip it up and past them. If it's slow, cup towards you and skate in to the zone.

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