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12-09-2013, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by flyershockey View Post
I think there should be a limit, but I think it should be something longer than 18 months. You can't hold something against a guy from 10 years ago. I think 3 calender years would be a good time frame though.
I can't say I agree with you regarding there being a limit. If a guy has done enough to establish himself as a dirty player, he is a dirty player. Things have to be looked at in context. Like, say a player gets a suspension for a boarding 5+ years prior to another suspension. That, to me, is a whole lot different than a guy who gets suspended for taking runs at other players' heads via elbows, knees, whatever, like Neal has been known to do.

It's not black & white. Just my opinion, but guys like Neal deserve to have whole history considered, regardless of time.

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