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12-09-2013, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Wolfy View Post
Strange really, we have many big guys who can't fight or scared, afraid to fight. Then we have little Zuccarello who's all over the place and ignites like a rocket if being messed with.

Zucc is not afraid to drop them if thats what it takes, although he'd probably lose. At least he got balls, unlike many other Rangers. Too many chicken on this team.
Sorry but looking for Zuccarello to drop the gloves is nuts. He's 5' ****ing 7" for christ sakes and he might even be shorter than that.

Originally Posted by Jarkko Immonen View Post
Stu Bickel! The man will spark the Rangers to victory! Heart! Energy! Toughness! Fighting!! SPARK!!!!!!

Give me a break.

This team just ain't that talented, guys.
Did not mean to suggest that Bickel's insertion into the lineup is going to spark this team to victory. He is however a decent fighter with size who will stick up for his teammates. There is also just a little bit of crazy in his play--qualities that this team lacks. Maybe you've been spending all your time just watching the Wolfpack and not the big club but the Rangers are about as s-o-f-t as it gets and IMO it's factoring into why they're playing like ****. I fail to see how replacing say Bickel for Pyatt would hurt the Rangers at all. In any case it ain't just ****ing lack of talent that's holding this team back--these guys with the exception of Dorsett don't stick up for each other and Dorsett ain't 6'0 tall like the team page says--he's more like 5'10" and skinny as well.

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