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Originally Posted by Ryker View Post
Both exhibit the same amount of accuracy in the sense that they are both inaccurate. There's an area of the net (i.e. the area that the goalie does not have covered) that counts as being the target. Anything wide of that is being inaccurate. Now you can of course argue that hitting the post is coming closer to the target, but it's still missing it. So my point here wasn't as much in comparing Giroux's shots to those of Raffl, but to show Giroux is inaccurate. Maybe I shouldn't have drawn Raffl into this, since it seems to have created some confusion.

In any case, Giroux's shots aren't accurate enough, it seems. But if people here would rather count posts and feel all giddy and good about them, by all means, go ahead.
Except for you are comparing his shots to Raffl's. I know it's difficult understand in the black and white world that you live in, but hitting the post and not scoring comes down to luck a lot of the time. In a couple of weeks he could be going bar down every other game for all we know.

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